Managed Services Residential

Managed Services in Te Aroha – Residential

Kings Computers is offering Managed Services in Te Aroha for residential customers.

Managed Services is for those who need to be assured every day that their computer is in top working order with all patches applied, all malware and viruses dealt with, as well as providing remote support if needed.

For a small monthly fee Kings Computers can check up on your computer daily to ensure the essentials are running properly. Instead of discovering a problem at a critical moment, managed services can keep things running smoothly every day. This provides you with services such as Anti-Virus checks, Security Patches and Application Patches.

Charges :-

  • User setup fee per device $0/device
  • User monthly fee per device $5/month


  • Plan A includes Patch Management, Automated Daily Monitoring, Antivirus Monitoring.
  • Supports – Windows Vista, 7, 8.x & 10 Laptop, Desktop, All-in-One & NUC.


(all dollar amounts are inclusive of GST)